In today's world, only clean and responsible chemical production can be accepted. In this context, Rampex from the outset has invested a considerable amount (of our project cost) on effluent handling equipment. The principal component of this investment is our Multi Effect Evaporator (MEE) which is rated to handle 30,000 liters of high TDS waste per day.
In addition we are members of Patencheru Enviro Tech, which is where we send our pre-treated liquid waste for final disposal, and we are also affiliated to Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited facility for disposal of our solid waste. These are both sanctioned and monitored by the government of Andhra Pradesh through the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board to ensure that no harm comes to the local environment.
The real testament of Rampex's commitment to the environment is the number of beautiful trees and shrubs that are flourishing at our factory premises. They are not only beautiful but they continue to inspire us to produce our products very responsibly.
Health & Safety
At Rampex our philosophy regarding Health and Safety is one of zero tolerance. In this we mean that the health and safety of our employees is paramount to all other aspects of our business. We have ensured this by installing a fire hydrant system that covers the entire facility so we can have an immediate response to any mishap that may happen. We have provided our employees with the highest level of personal protection equipment supplied by the 3M company who are world leaders. We also conduct full medical check-ups for all our employees on a yearly basis to make sure all of our efforts are working correctly to protect them to the fullest.