Our vision:
�We honour our stakeholders, applicable laws and society through transparent, ethical behavior, to achieve and to contribute a sustainable and long lasting contribution to social cohesion�.
Eco Vadis & Corporate social responsibility:
  • Adhere to maintain, an open dialogue with all our vendors, customers, partner�s, employees and society.
  • Support humanitarian relief activities, in the form of giving donations to deprived.
  • Promote social, cultural and religious activities, to maintain harmonious relationships with all in society.
  • Encourage students, to enhance their technological skills, by giving rewards and awards.
  • Promote healthy way of life of our employees, students and people in the society, by giving donations to schools and colleges.
Environmental responsibility:
We committed to
  • Purchase and handle environmental friendly raw materials.
  • Control waste, prevent of soil and air contamination.
  • Conserve energy.
  • Honour applicable environmental laws.
  • Motivate our employees, customers and people in the vicinity.