In line with our corporate philosophy of expansion through diversification , Rampex has embarked upon manufacture of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) from a vegetative Marine Algae( Schyzochytrium Sp) and state of art facilities were created with all aseptic features in 2014. This vegetarian DHA is superior to the conventional DHA produced from Flax seeds ( has low DHA content and expensive per kg of comparable production from other sources) or from Fish oil with an unpleasant odour and after taste. DHA from marine algae yields higher percentage of DHA and has no odour or unpleasant taste. With the present trend of health consciousness in present day youth , this type of food supplement is a fillip for nutritional supplementation and in easily available forms like capsules, powder and pre mixes , the consumption is increasing and awareness is catching up.
The advantages over fish oil are :
  • Vegetable origin
  • From ecological and sustainable source - Not from fish but microalgae
  • Acceptable for use in organic products
  • High quality product, does not impact the taste of the final product
  • Easy and versatility in applications or formulations
Some of the nutritional benefits of taking DHA
  • For enhancement of brain activity, memory power
  • As dietary supplement, reduces level of Triglycerides in blood
  • For management of Alzheimer`s disease
  • For avoidance of depression
  • For athletic stamina improvement
  • For Embryo protection and development in pregnant women