In October 2014, our company acquired a new production facility located in Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh which is a 1hr plane journey or an overnight train journey from Hyderabad. This facility is built on a 3 acre site within the Pharma City chemical zone located in Parwada area just a 30 minute drive from the Vishakapatnam airport. This facility consists of 2 main production blocks and a Hydrogenation block coupled with an administrative block that also houses the Q.C/Instrumentation lab and process development lab.
One key difference between this facility and the Hyderabad facility Unit-1 is here Rampex has the license to manufacture API�s. Presently Unit-2 is equipped with one suite of clean rooms but we have the provision to add another suite quickly when the need arises.
Since we have the capability of manufacturing API�s, we have commercialized some already, which are mentioned in our Products page and some additional ones are in the pipeline which are also mentioned in the same link.
Moving forward this site will manufacture KSM�s, advanced intermediates as well as some strategic API�s which we feel we are well positioned to manufacture